Our values 

Excellia Capital Humain, the skills as well as the personal and professional resources of the members of the organization represent the greatest strength to distinguish themselves, innovate and succeed. We are convinced that the talents of the company enable the transformation of the company by transmuting the potential into brilliant success.

In this sense, the whole team of Excellia Capital Humain is mobilized with passion, commitment and professionalism to support its clients in identify, reveal and show off your talents to anticipate and build success.


Beyond our passion for the profession and for people, the work philosophy and ethics that guide our interventions are based on founding values that define us such as:

Respect, benevolence and attention to our customers , our candidates, our suppliers and partners

Creation of congruence and meaning in each project and each intervention

Commitment, confidentiality and trust for efficient and sustainable collaboration.

Creating value to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Development and continuous improvement of ourselves , our expertise, our services and our relationships.

(+216) 71 889 274
49 rue Tahar Sfar, 1ier étage, El Manar 2 , Tunis, Tunisie 2092
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