Our approach

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation”  Aristote

We are convinced that the success of a recruitment (particularly that of leaders and directors) lies in the art of creating a perfect match between the organizational context, the vision and the culture of the company with the professional and personal profile of the proposed candidates. Added to this, an alchemy that takes place is necessary to enable a synergy that creates transformative and lasting results.


Beyond our knowledge of the market, that of the needs of our customers, we have a confirmed expertise of the various trades and functions, which we associate with a mastery of behavioral evaluation techniques supplemented by a set of evaluation tools. skills (DISC, EQ, Leadership, management style, Motivations, …) thus providing an additional precise and objective assessment of the proposed profiles.

With the reference checks of finalist candidates, we lock down our process to ensure that we have the most elements and information to help and guide our clients in their choice and decision making.

Executive search

Recruitment of executives and managers

« The greatness of a profession is above all to unite men; it is only a real luxury and it is that of human relations »  Antoine de St-Exupéry


Find the skills and the (rare) talents who will lead the transformation and creating performance to ensure the sustainability of the company becomes an immensely strategic, if not decisive, issue. It is also a real competitive advantage and a key success factor.


In Excellia Capital Humain,we are fully aware of this and this is our core business. For several years now, we have been very proud to have successfully contributed to the sustainability and growth of our clients through the recruitment of exceptional talents and brilliant leaders.


Our commitment is to present not only the best talent but also those who are most able to bring the greatest added value to the company. We use the most effective methods of the direct approach in synergy with our technological tools to reach the most inaccessible talents as quickly as possible. We work in an exclusive and retained search way thus ensuring a total commitment to the mission.


Our scope of intervention is at a national and international level for different profiles and sectors of activity (Services, automotive industry, electronics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.).


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