Leadership consulting 

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”  Peter Drucker


Our leadership consulting services make it possible not only to assess managers and directors on the basis of their technical skills but also on their leadership potential to enhance their value and optimize their performance within the organization.


Support and animation of directors and members of management committees:

  • Executive assessment : Evaluate the potential of the members of the management team and the alignment of skills in relation to the objective
  • Clarify what its members of the management committee have difficulty formulating, lead to efficient management processes and find their own solutions.
  • Develop an acquisition plan and improvement of key skills
  • Create synergy cohesion between managers.
  • Leadership transfer plan implementation plan (Succession plan)

 Consulting and organizational development

We are deeply convinced that the value and agility of a company is defined by its ability to mobilize its skills and to implement collective intelligence as a performance lever. To this end, we support business leaders in evaluating and redefining their strategy and organizational structure in order to integrate a culture of excellence in the management of their human capital.


In a VUCA context that prevails today with the demands of permanent change and incessant adaptation to the environment, we intervene on various axes:

  • Vision and leadership: Analysis and diagnosis of the alignment of vision, values, and process with the business strategy of the company,
  • Performance: Analysis and recommendations on gaps in company performance and organizational efficiency,
  • Organizational development and HR : Development of structural agility and strategic positioning of Human Capital, support for change and talent management with the strengthening of an engaging corporate culture.
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