“Don’t try to be a successful man. Try to become a man of value” Albert Einstein 


Our assessment services and our skills (and potential) assessments of managers and professionals aim to give meaning to performance management, success plans and the talent development strategy. The ultimate goal is not only to achieve the expected organizational results but also, above all, to value the contribution of each member of the company, to mobilize individuals by motivating them and creating a climate of trust and belonging favoring the emergence of collective intelligence.

Also, our skills assessments, our career assessments and especially our talent management projects make it possible to orient our clients on the best skills development approaches and as well as the strategic approaches to talent management (Talent strategy) through recommendations for the sound and efficient management of this precious capital.


These solutions allow:

For the company: a way to have an objective and factual benchmark to assess skills and potential and prepare one’s leadership succession plans and critical positions.

For assessed employees: valuable feedback on their performance and a development plan to adjust gaps with a career perspective.

For managers : a tool to adjust their management style and create optimal conditions for individual and collective performance (Synergy). But also means to strengthen their leadership.


« Leadership is an alchemy that combines human skills with your professional abilities in order to use your full potential and turn it into gold »  Neculai I. Fantanaru


It is through the ability to mobilize the resources and individual and collective human capital skills that organizations create their distinctive strategic advantage that creates growth and sustainability.


In Excellia Capital Humain , We firmly believe that each individual is a bearer of potential and rich in a capital of skills which only asks to be valued and developed. It thus becomes crucial to identify and renew the capacities and aptitudes not only of leaders and managers but also those of all members of the company to continue to prosper and adapt to a very changing context.


Our Talent Management solutions are oriented towards the objective of optimizing, developing and engaging the members of the company to create a movement of value creation and transformation.



« Ce n’est pas parce que les choses sont difficiles que nous n’osons pas . C’est parce que nous n’osons pas qu’elles sont difficiles » Sénèque 

Our expertise and added value are not limited to the search for exceptional talents but also to supporting and developing them. Coaching is an interactive support process between an individual or a group and a coach or a team of professional coaches (certified and with recognized experience).


Our business coaching services (including strategic coaching, executive coaching, progression coaching) are based on different levels of intervention:

  • Performance and team coaching,
  • Leadership development (Leadership coaching),
  • Personal and professional development,
  • Career coaching (market positioning, job search, reorientation)
  • Transition coaching (change of country, profession, sector, employee).


In Coachtraining mode, thus combining coaching, andragogical training and team dynamics in an inter-company or intra-company format, we ensure the design and engineering of our training (in management, strategy and soft-skills) following to an in-depth study of the context and problems of our customers. All our themes are tailor-made and in line with the needs and objectives set.

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